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Princess and Always in the shop logo 12/6/2016 The Roadster

This is the worst car that I have ever owned. I have had a alpha romeo spider veloce, honda crv and one other car for over 10 years each with over 150,000 miles on them. This car is cheaply and poorly made and was more expensive than both of them. In the first year that I owned it all of the electrical wiring went and I had to have it towed in, less than 7,000 miles. Covered by the warranty $8,000 plus. The following winter the water pump went and I had to have it towed in yet again. In year 3 the drivers seat started to frwy whith less than 20,000 miles. Last year the brakes were falling apart and they had to be changed when the car only had about 24,000 miles on it. I am at the dealer yet again 6 months later and although I purchased an extended warranty most of it isn't covered. $600 plus to have the hood fixed because it won't open because the original cheap parts have rusted in 4 years. Another $400 plus for new spark plugs and something else because the engine is malfunctioning with only 31,000 miles in the car. Another oil change because all the oil leaked and I couldn't get to it since the cable broke to open the hood. Inferior parts and quality. Run from this vehicle and buy a Honda, Toyota or Subaru. I can not recommend this car to anyone and will never buy another. But at least it's paid for!

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