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Prius C Three with Navigation logo 7/7/2015 merlinl

We went to the dealer prepared to buy the Prius C One with no extra features.We also had a TrueCar certificate for the One. We test-drove the Three and then quickly realize the features that would be missing on the One. The price difference was about $2k and being the 4th of July weekend and all other incentives we went for it. We still bought it cheaper than buying just the One on a regular day. Thanks Toyota!

Favorite Feature : -- Navigation that is customizable and free software upgrades.-- MPG, MPG, MPG!! My wife drives about 30 miles daily in the city where there are hilly and flat terrain. We expect this car to give us big gas savings-- Keyless entry, engine immobilizer, HD radio, XM radio, and other popular apps like Pandora or iHeart radio.-- the ability to evaluate your driving or adjust the performance of the engine to your needs. You could go completely electrical just looking for parking!-- Prius in general now have better looks and colors than before.

Suggested Improvement : -- Bigger wheels. Make all wheels sporty. These cars still have the original wheels.-- More range in EV mode-- More engine power. Toyota has improved the electrical motor but not much the gas motor.-- Some colors are impossible to find. ie sun fusion

Average Rating : 4.375


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