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Pro review wildly inaccurate. logo 3/25/2015 rollpoly

To start, the "pro" review is shockingly inaccurate. The vast majority of 2015 patriots are have Auto transmissions as Jeep has tossed the CVT. The 4x4 comes with a competitive 2.5L engine. 5yrs ago Jeep interiors may have been cheap, but the 2015 interior is great! love the illuminated cupholders. Great features at a great price, the latitude has heated seats, reclining rear seats, audio controls, 115V outlet, remote start, ht. adjustable seat and much more. I got 30mpg driving from denver to WY and back. That's a 4000ft elevation gain. With 4WD you have the benefit of being in 2WD 95% of the time and getting better gas mileage than AWD cars and better 4wd performance whine in 4wd.

Favorite Feature : 4wd, heated seats, roof rails, cargo space, efficient layout means excellent cargo space without sacrificing parking ability, bluetooth, fog lights, steering wheel audio controls, climate control has "in-between" settings so you can do 1/4 feet, 3/4 face or 1/4 defrost, 3/4 feet. Instead of FM1 and FM2 you simply hit preset 1 for preset 1 and hit preset 1 again for preset 7. Cruise control, temperature gauge. style, cost. Unlike Hondar CRV, the rear seats fold flat and flush with cargo hold. No 8" lip like the Honda CR-V.

Suggested Improvement : move the window up/down button forward a little. more colors, include slush mats, large door pockets for storage.

Average Rating : 5


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