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probably my last Honda logo 8/20/2015 Ginger Davis

After owning EIGHT previous Hondas in this family (several Civics, Accord, CRV, even one previous Pilot), this one has convinced me to look at other cars. It's either a lemon or Hondas just aren't made like they once were. I have had many, many minor annoyances and a couple major ones that have cost us a fortune. It's been to the dealership FOUR times for a problem that still isn't corrected despite several claims that it was just the sensor so they adjusted it, then it needed parts which I bought and paid for labor to replace with no difference...and we still have the issue with the back hatch. We also have horribly squeaky brake-like sounds when backing out of our inclined driveway which they can't figure out or fix. And the biggee was something that was actually recalled and, despite always taking this car which was under warranty only to the dealership for service in order to be covered without a doubt for years, I wasn't told about until I took it somewhere else. That shop took me and showed me that it was leaked fluids from some joints behind the front wheels and they easily found a service notification for my model and suggested I take it to the dealer that had always serviced it because "they would have to cover it since they were the only ones that touched it while it was under warranty". Well, guess what...they knew that was a problem but didn't mention it WHILE IT WAS UNDER WARRANTY because it wasn't bad enough; yeah, waiting until it progresses and is NO LONGER UNDER WARRANTY seems legit. I'm done with Battema Honda in OKC and probably Honda altogether. Maybe going to check out Toyotas this time around.

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