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Problematic 2015 Toyota Sienna SE's Navigation :( logo 8/16/2015 josh Cheng

I have a 2015 Super White Sienna SE with Premium package. After 1 month, I have been experiencing issues with the Navigation: It powers down while in use and it freezes periodically. When I brought it in Toyota of Sunnyvale, they refused to look into it even though I have the issue on video. I don't recommend a Toyota Sienna until they fix the issue and also alert their Toyota dealers of the problem. When I spoke to Toyota they said that they cannot force a dealership to look into it. So it is tough to buy a product that Toyota cannot stand by and Toyota of Sunnyvale's Director of Service, Bob Pelletier even cussed me out when I tried to get him to look into it. I do love the Sienna if it wasn't for the jittery Navigation system.

Average Rating : 4


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