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Problems with this Chevy logo 8/31/2015 Kellie Leonard

I purchased this car used back in 2010 with average miles. Now on my 6th year everything is going wrong. Here's what went wrong and not under warranty seeing the five (5) years are up: 1.) Car won't shift out of drive into park. $300.00 visit to the Chevy Dealer to fix. 2.) ABS light, and reduced power light came on. Another $350.00 trip to the Chevy Dealer. 3.) Now a load tapping noise from the glove box area. Another $350.00 trip to the Chevy Dealer to fix. 2 of my 4 door locks don't work properly and my check air bag light is now going on. I can only wonder how much more this will cost me!!!Very disappointed in the quality of my Chevy Impala. Don't buy!

Average Rating : 2


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