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Proffessionals are wrong! logo 7/4/2016 G. R. E

Could not disagree more with the Edmunds review. Did they even drive the car or base it on past models? For the money this is the best vehicle available in it's class. This is our fourth Mitsubishi and if this one is as reliable as the others, and I see no reason why not, we will be happy campers! No, it does not accelerate like a Corvette, but that is not what it was made to do. I am pleasantly surprised with how our 2.4 get's up and goes. Was hesitant about the CVT also but not only no problems but it is fun. A top of the line CUV with all wheel drive for a little over twenty grand that has a ten year warranty? Show me a comparison! I am willing to bet 99.9% of the naysayers have never driven one!!

Average Rating : 5


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