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Purchase has been complete nightmare! logo 5/31/2015 repoagent

I purchased 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Dec,2014.It was my first new vehicle purchase.This was the unit I dreamed of owning. Since bought its been back to the dealer 4 times. Driver side was leaking badly! The 3rd trip they kept for 2wks and used Jeep repair asst number for help and ended up getting it back with a black sticky bandage type material as the resolution. It just like the bandage sticky wrap you buy from Walmart. Its already melting, ruined expensive dress clothes and now leaks from the center! I am exhausted wish I had my 07 chevy trailblazer back with no probs! On 2 days went to roll down elec windows & they did nothing I foresee electrical probs due to leaking!!

Favorite Feature : The jeep looks awesome! It is anvil color and I love being able to take the T-tops out and ride on warm days! Love the freedom you feel when riding and breathing in the fresh air! But when it rains I don't enjoy being wet with the tops in not to mention now electrical concerns and I am certain that is due to water! Water was standing on drivers side floor and the truck was just sitting in the drive during the rain! Not much good to say with these issues and the large price tag!

Suggested Improvement : If you expect people to pay the hefty price tag that goes on these units, I suggest you make sure they do not leak or find a better resolution that sticky bandage type tape that looks horrible. Not to mention it is only a temporary fix and they are hoping it will buy them time until the warranty runs out and then its all on me whether I have reported or not. Time for an attorney because I will never buy another Jeep. The idea that they want to bandage it to pacify me lets me know the care they have for their customers. we are not rich people and cant afford to be stuck with replacing the electrical and if they cant fix tops, I guess they will just stick us with that too!! Nice!! Not.

Average Rating : 2.25


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