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Push button start and some safety risk logo 9/3/2015 kamal

I have this SUV since April. It's a great ride and I do not want to add more to what most already mentioned. I would like to mention a huge safety issue with the key less entry. The key will disable the "start" feature itself if you are inside the car with the key and someone exiting the vehicle presses the outside lock button. This is ridiculous and unsafe especially if I am traveling. You will need someone bring the 2nd key or dealer need to reprogram it. There are vehicles push button start features which will prevent the doors from locking if the key is inside. Mazda says system disables keys in order to prevent theft! I do not buy this excuse. I rather have a locked key inside that I can have a locksmith open it and I can be on my way instead of a dealer's costly reprogramming (in case you were traveling with both keys and they became disabled). Imagine getting stuck with a disabled key in the middle of the woods or a snowy road!

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