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Push it off a cliff logo 8/16/2015 Ian

This is a long review. What I mention can be very important to anyone who is serious about buying this car. Skip to the end if you want my recommendations.In 2010, I bought a base model 2dr Cavalier with a manual transmission for around $4500 with around 104k miles on it. I look back now and I can tell you that it was NOT worth that, even if KBB said so. If I'm lucky I could sell this to a dealer for $600. In five years I have put around 41k miles on it and I have grown to loathe it. Good things: it's a mode of fairly reliable transportation, heating and A/C still work, road noise isn't too terrible. Bad things currently: rocker panels are rusting badly behind the doors, intermittent wiper mode doesn't work properly (wipers get stuck mid-cycle), suspension, front seats, back seats (anyone taller than 5' 9" should NOT sit in the back), seat belt harnesses are uncomfortable in front seats, trunk lid latch (occasionally when going to use the key to unlock the trunk, the key won't be able to open it because the socket for the latch will twist when turning the key and will not allow the latch to release). Bad things in the past: air vent control (Under the right conditions, if you force the air vent control knob, it will bend the cable that it uses to switch between airflow directions. After this, it is stuck in one airflow direction and cannot be changed. The dash has to be removed and a new cable has to be installed.), timing chain (This one worried me. It has been reported in forums that, after 100k miles, the timing chain starts to not get enough oil and the chain breaks causing engine damage. I'd like to say I had my chain and other components replaced at around 128k miles.) Driving this car is dreadful. The suspension is soft and corners like a barge. The brakes are there and they get the job done. Acceleration is what you can expect from 2.2L 4cyl. Steering is quite floppy. There is a long throw in gear changes but it shifts smoothly nonetheless. Looking at this car is not much better. I realized later that what I should have had was a hatchback or at least a 4dr vehicle. This car is NOT practical. Yes, you could get yourself a 4dr Cavalier but they look even worse than the 2dr versions.Recommendations: 1. Use it for a winter beater.2. If you travel less than 5 miles to work every day and you don't plan on ever driving more than that in one trip, you should be fine.3. DON'T BUY THIS CAR! If you're looking for a compact Chevy that isn't built in Korea, look into a 4dr Cobalt. They're more practical than the 2dr, they look way better than a 4dr Cavalier, and they aren't terribly expensive.Do your research and pick a car that fits you. I clearly made the wrong choice.

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