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Putting the CMAX in Context logo 5/9/2015 griswaldo4g

I think for the price, its intended audience and its balance of comfort/handling this car is a knockout.Let's get this out of the way... This car is not as big as the Prius V, not as efficient as the other two Prii and is not everything to all people... It will never measure up if you are comparing it to all the other hybrid choices at once and to other cars on top of that.It is noisy? Really??? Compared to a Lexus, maybe, but it has far more sound insulation than other hybrids, in addition to being nearly silent in electric mode and having noise cancellation tech. Also, the turning radius is quite large but it is no more unsafe in this respect than a variety of large vehicles.


Favorite Feature : This car has an excellent ride, lots of passenger volume and comfortable seats. It is probably more spacious and accommodating for a small family than for nearly any other vehicle under 25,000.There are a lot of thoughtful touches such as storage compartments in the floor, driving coaches, EV+ which saves extra gas close to home and a HUGE moon roof.My favorite thing is the engine. For an "engineering nightmare" as some have called it, it has ~50 more hp than a Prius V and I still often calculate 50 mpg at the pump. Ford has re-engineered similar tech to the Prius's to offer a more balanced and refined hybrid for most people.

Suggested Improvement : They have got all the bugs out from what I can tell but MyFord Touch isn't especially useful.

Average Rating : 4.625


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