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Quality Has Gown Down Hill logo 8/17/2015 Yohan

I own a 2003 Highlander limited that was built in Japan. Did not have any problems & I'm at 112k miles. Other than routine maint, tires,oil change etc. My battery lasted 12 years. We purchased a brand new Highlander Platinum loaded. Made the deal took the car home & found Dirt under the paint along with tiny areas where the paint was completely missing & you could see the primer below. If you take a look at most new highlander headliners in the corner of the sunroof opening you'll see the fabric is bunched up in the corners. They did not pull the fabric & stretch it out. Looks cheap. Control screen is far away & hard to reach & I'm 6'4" Also look at the rear bumper at the seal when you open the rear hatch & see the over spray from the paint job that also looks cheap. For 45K plus you get no power tilt & telescopic steering wheel. Passenger only gets a 4 way power seat, Really Toyota !!. Also look at the cheap flashy wheel covers over the aluminum wheels, don't get that one ? Dealer was great and I was able to return the vehicle immediately for a full refund. Went and ordered us a brand new Acura MDX. I have no confidence in new Toyota's built here in the USA.

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