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Quirky, yet stylish and extremely comfortable. logo 3/10/2015 fox_e_wolf

I have owned this car for 1 year now (bought for $2300 with 134k miles) and it has been one of the nicest experiences I have had. It is not the best on the wallet, considering needed maintenance, but given that I bought a 17 year old car, it is to be expected. I have not had many issues with this car and I can always count on it to start up in the morning. I was warned about Saabs being "money pits". They can be if you take it to the shop, but if you invest in a Haynes manual and some tools, DIY is not so bad. My model is the 2 Door 2.3L N/A 4 Speed Auto. Currently have 143000 and plan to keep going. The vehicle looks stunning. When I see a reflection of it, I can't believe it is mine.

Favorite Feature : - Leather seats are very comfortable and provide great support.- (AT Only) "Sport" and "Winter" mode makes the car versatile in different situations.- Ignition switch location. I think it is very quirky and has baffled many friends (except one that drives a Smart car where the ignition is also in the lower console)- The lines of the NG900 and Gen1 9-3 have always appealed to me. It is rare for me to see similar ones on the road these days, especially the 900.- MPG is high for it's age group. I get up to 29-31 on highway, with the AC on.- Brakes are firm and reliable- Lock out prevention. You cannot lock the car without using the key hole in door or remote, which has been useful.

Suggested Improvement : - Saab engines are known for, sometimes fatal, oil sludge up inside. Using Synthetic oil and periodic engine flushes is great prevention.- SID (Saab Information Display) has periodic loss of pixels. Given the issue is common, there are fixes to band-aid the issue and the unit is easily removed for repair or replacement.- Automatic Transmission is a bit hesitant on shift from 3rd to 4th gear when going 45-55 miles an hour, at least on mine.- Components such as heated seats, headlight control relay, and coolant level sensor can fail over time (this causes a periodic false "Low Coolant" Message and chime.- No cup holder standard.- Centrally located switches activated by big keychains.

Average Rating : 4.75


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