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R E L I A B L E ! ! ! Exactly what I needed. logo 8/14/2015 Reile

Sure, I would like something prettier, flashier. And navigating traffic would be easier and more fun with a little more acceleration power. But for me, getting there is more important than how cool I look on the way. This car has NEVER broken down. Never left me stranded. Worry free, problem free, low maint. Oil service every 5k miles. Replace timing belt every 60k miles. It's survived multiple curbs and medians with just a quick alignment and/or new rim. Clutch cable strand snapped at about 58k miles. Felt a pop in the stick and the sudden subtle clutch pedal and shift resistance change when the remaining strands stretched (Only needed a $35-40 part but idiots at Kia replaced entire clutch- everything EXCEPT the frayed cable!) Btw, AWESOME WARRANTY! 5yr/60k bumper to bumper. 10yr/100k powertrain. Priced around $14k- my actual cost was closer to $30k (5yr 22%) but I still count it among my top 5 smartest buys (or luckiest). PS. It falls a distant 2nd place to my 69 toyota celica fastback. Paid $3k used w/120k mi. It's 2nd 100k Just as- if not more- reliable and low maint than the Kia's 1st 100k for only 1/10th the actual cost of the Kia. Traded it for daycare just over 200k miles. It was sold one more time just under 300k miles before I lost track of it.

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