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Rammed logo 9/10/2015 Mark

I purchased a used (73,000 miles) 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT from a dealership. It appeared in great shape and I did my homework on this truck, but some things lurk in the shadows and come out at night.this truck fits that description. Fortunately I purchased an extended warranty, $0 deductible and it was a blessing I did. 1. Two weeks out of the purchase date the check engine light comes on. Unknown problem. $125 at dealership to determine issue.2. A few weeks later exhaust pipe comes out of y pipe. Local garage fix for $1003. Squeaking from engine, to dealership, unknown problem, changed fan belt determined a water leak but unknown from where.4. In shop again suspension squeak, located water leak, replace water pump, squeak still not located not diagnosed5. Brakes making steering issue. Brakes hanging up on rotors - was an issue for a while and rotors warped, brake job at local garage6. Steering very loose all of a sudden, dealership inspected, flushed out, that was their solution7. Driver's side Ball joint out, Took 3 trips to dealership to determine this.8. Normal maintenance schedule followed - oil, trans fluids, filters etc9. A couple months after scheduled trans maintenance Transmission all of a sudden trans slips, loses gear ratio in 3rd and 4th, loses 4 th and 3rd completely. Codes were pulled within an hour of the check engine light coming on and 7 different codes pop up.All of this was in a period of 14 months and 24K miles. No off roading, no racing, just normal driving mostly on highway and very occasionally on hard packed dirt roads.Now I know that used vehicles have some issues that will arise as they get older, as any vehicle will, but this is way too many trips to the garage to fix issues. The final straw that broke the camel's back was the transmission service completed and a couple months later the transmission blows out. Currently waiting for service day to diagnose issue.Caution on Dodge Rams....look before you leap.

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