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Randamley doesnt go in Reverse logo 9/3/2015 Emily

Personally believe that Smart car needs to fix the problems with the reverse issue. This nearly caused me to be in an accident at the end of my driveway. When I thought my car was in reverse is wasnt it actually was rolling down the drive way. I was stuck in the mioddle of the road trying to figure out why I couldnt get it into gear, had to shut it off while on coming traffic had to slam on the brakes! Very scarey and very close call. I feel that this is a saftey issue. Smart car has done nothing about it and does not want to recall it. My car is the 2008 Smart for two. I think that most people that have this car have the same problem. To help this get resolved people have to get on safecar.Gov and make the report for complaint, so then it will be forced into recall. I believe that people may have tried to make the report but the wasnt easliy working for that make or model until I called them directly. I just want people to be safe and companies to own up to their products. From my research its a computer update that is needed and yes its pretty expensive, well maybe just to me, to fix it is about $500.00

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