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Rattles; lots of cheap plastic; lousy mileage logo 7/3/2015 sbw2

I've had this vehicle for 2 months & 2000 miles of mixed driving. It's been getting 23.9 mpg, & I've been babying it w/eco mode on. If you drive it "normally", it drops to 22 in eco mode, & 21 w/o eco mode.The interior of the doors is all cheap plastic, and there's very little in the way of support behind the door panels. I tend to lean my left leg against the door when I drive, and it's already starting to "give".The door panels rattle and the dealer says it's "normal". Really?The console box is small compared to my Camry & the USB/HDMI connections are in there; if you keep stuff wired up, there isn't much usable storage in there. Little pickup but handles well.

Favorite Feature : Looks very snazzy from the outside

Suggested Improvement : Rattles in a top trim line are unacceptable. Make the door panels a little sturdier.The nav/audio/etc takes 2 minutes to boot up before it responds to commands. There's no reason for that.

Average Rating : 2.75


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