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Read before you buy logo 6/10/2015 scratchgolfer2

I bought this car new last year, for the first year I loved the car, every aspect of it with small somewhat irritating problems. Wind blowing throw the windows on the highway right off the lot will drive you insane if you are listening to talk radio. My S4 came with the Upgraded Summer Tire package with the Continental Conti Contact 3s. These are the Worst tires in the world, the tread pattern wore out "unusually" after 7K miles, seriously...That is a like 2k option, what a waste, if you car has these tires make them change them before you buy.

Favorite Feature : Interior design is awesome, looks cool, the exterior is not great but I actually like it looking low key and my wife cant tell the difference between this an an A3 or A4Needs more power, I have a 6 speed but the new double clutch is pretty awesome, doesn't matter if you cant steer the car, this went from being my favorite car to considering getting rid of it, never though that would happen after a year

Suggested Improvement : Put safe nice actual performance tires on a performance carThey are not only bad but dangerous, it had the car shooting into oncoming traffic. I thought I was having the "electric steering problems "that ma. I enjoyed the steering in the first 5k miles, but let me tell you, the steering gets worse, so don't judge by a test drive at the dealer, the electric steering sucks. But if you expect tires on a 60K car to last 5k miles and they don't, Audi will take car of you, just kidding they don't care, too bad these car was close to being awesome.

Average Rating : 2.625


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