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Real everyday driving experience logo 8/20/2015 Luke Pryor

Here is the Good; Very quite ride and smooth ride, very nice steering wheel, leather wrap is great quality, has lots of wide space in the interior of the cabin, Great step up in the back bumper to get into the bed of the truck, great for what is was built for which is hauling, exterior is very handsome, good looking truck.Here is the Bad; electronic steering always going out, vibrates at about 50mph, the side view mirrors are too small, back seat feels cheap and are like sitting on cardboard, not enough leg room, the whole cabin feels cheap, feels claustrophobic inside, I think the dash board and the instrument panel looks like a cartoon character design it, the whole dash looks dated and it's a new interior, front seats are not that comfortable on long distance, only 18" wheels on an off road vehicle really , gas sucks on this truck I am only averaging 13.7mpg and I don't have a heavy foot, I think the doors where you rest your arm is too narrow and the center arm rest has that useless plastic thing down the center of it where you rest your arm is just stupid, no vents for the back seat, the roof in the inside cabin slopes down into your visual site which makes the truck look cramped poor design, it does not feel like a truck, it feels like a short in height car, they need to make the truck more tall than wide. not enough ground clearance sits to low to the ground, the windshield needs to be 2-3 inches more in height. I am sorry but the new design does not save on fuel like the claim, Ford and Ram do a much better job on the interior and more user friendly and more ergonomic for driver and passengers, the back tail gate does not lock when you use keyless entry system, this is just stupid, in the center of the dash where you touch screen is they have 115volt down at the bottom and you cannot see it, they door handles are lit up, but not enough to make any difference, this is a miss. and a few recalls already and I have not had it a year yet. I will be trade this in for something else (Ram or Ford or Jeep).

Average Rating : 2


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