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Really enjoy it! logo 3/12/2015 phillip_g

This is not a sports car nor is it a hybrid-if that is what you are wanting this is NOT the vehicle for you. It is a luxury, truck-based SUV...Its BIG...very comfortable, hauls a lot of your closest friends and family and 9000 pounds if you need it to. Not as hard to park as Edmunds would lead you to believe, actually has a great turning radius. With the Front and Rear parking sensors and back up cam you should have no issue with parking unless your trying to land in a "compact only" space. We had a 2006 Model and had no major issues with it other than normal wear-Very happy with the choice we made to purchase this one-Lincoln Certified Program is excellent.

Favorite Feature : Did I mention it is BIG...I really like the Sync Navigation system, easy to use-however it doesn't play well with an iPhone for certain features like text messaging but that is not a deal breaker for me. No issue with pairing an iPod or using bluetooth music. The very back rear seat is actually more comfortable than the middle captain chairs and the electric fold flat feature is nice giving you plenty of space for trips to Lowe's or a ton of luggage for road trips. There are 8 cup holders and they will all hold a Supersized cup easily. We have the rear DVD/TV players in the headrests but they never get used. If you have kids I'm sure this feature would be a nice one.

Suggested Improvement : Really wish it had the larger Ford F-150 engine. 5.4 V8 engine is underpowered for the vehicles size and weight especially when you have a loaded trailer hooked up. I do wish it got better gas mileage but we didn't buy it for that. Averaging about 16.1 mpg on the hwy and 15.6 in town. Glove compartment is small but has two large compartments in-between the front and middle seats.

Average Rating : 4.25


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