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Really enjoy it!! logo 4/22/2015 Michael Wagner

I now have 94K on the vehicle and it is still great. I have done most of the work on the car since I like doing that and German cars are very straight forward to work on. I have only had to do brakes and oil and tires so far. Having an intermittent issue with the air suspension now, but will figure it out and fix it. The system is pretty simple and Arnott makes a good replacement for it that has very good reviews. Went to the Continentals for tires...a little stiffer, but so much quieter than the Perelli's. I've taken it on long trips, and into the mountains skiing in heavy snow. It handles everything quite well. They don't makes chains for the 20" wheels, but didn't need them.Repaired the suspension, but went with the Arnott solution since this seems to be a weak point on this vehicle. Relatively simple to repair and replaced both front and back plus the pump at different times due to failures. I now have over 147000 on my GL550 and the only other repairs beyond normal maintenance were the internal gaskets on the front of the engine for power steering unit and oil filter mount (the metal unit the oil filter attaches to). These gaskets get hard and crispy and begin leaking. Also had one oxygen sensor fail, but also an easy fix. The garage mechanic can handle all of these fixes. The vehicle continues to perform well and still really enjoy driving it. I did go to the cross drilled rotors and ceramic brakes. Eliminated the brake dust issue and perform better going through the mountains.

Average Rating : 4


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