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Really good car so far logo 5/12/2015 tom_4

Note, my car has V6 Pentastar 4x4. I've now put 500 Km and first impressions are great. Mileage was a spectacular 6.9L per 100Km! I was, however, driving fairly tame and cruising at 105 kph over extended stretches of highway. But for a brand new car, I found this astonishing. Only hiccup so far is touch screen freezing but it corrected with restart of the car. The base back up camera is useless as it makes close objects look very far away. Interior on my Sport model was surprisingly good. Have towing option which provides 4500 lb capacity. Moving from a BMW X1. $500 less on insurance, same mileage with bigger engine but uses regular gas. For straight highway driving, it's as good as the X1.

Favorite Feature : Pentastar engine is very nice. Good power and amazingly consumption. Electronics are very well thought out and the ergonomics are good. Love the looks. It has real personality. 4500 class III towing option is a very cool option.

Suggested Improvement : Base rear camera seems completely pointless and unsafe as objects look so much further away than they are. The user manual is confusing. The video user manual only works on computers with a DVD drive. Many computers (like mine), don't have a drive anymore. USB or on-line would be so much better. Voice recognition is still not as robust as I'd like it to be.

Average Rating : 3.75


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