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Really pleased with my decision logo 6/9/2015 anidindenver

I researched & test drove virtually every model in this class and even put a deposit on a 2016 Acura RDX because it was the hot new SUV with tons of safety features at a great price (the RX350 was my #2 choice due to the dated body style). But I needed a new car before the Acura arrived so I ended up leasing the RX350 because of the incentives (this is the last year for this body style)and Lexus customer service ratings. A few months later I'm super pleased all around. It has a very comfortable and quiet ride, great display on the Nav, good fuel economy (avg. 20 mpg) and room for 2 mountain bikes and a dog in the back w seats folded down. My boyfriend who drives an ML550 is even impressed.


Favorite Feature : Comfortable seats & good lumbar support, blind spot monitor, park assist (true, there are no grids on the screen but there are bars that reduce in number the closer you get to an object so all you have to do is pay attention to them), nice acceleration, great cargo capacity (80 cu ft with back seats down), and great Lexus customer service and post-sales follow-up. I was really tempted to lease a BMW 328ix GT or an Audi Q5, which were way more fun to drive (more performance-driving focused), but there was not enough cargo space in the BMW and Audi wouldn't hardly deal on the price. The RX350 fit my needs perfectly, including the price, and I'm super happy with my decision.

Suggested Improvement : Interior door padding, door arm rest, and dash are a bit hard/thinly padded. And on occasion, the auto rain-sensing wipers appear to go off for no reason but I hear this is a common problem with the feature across all car manufacturer lines.

Average Rating : 4.75


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