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Really wanted to like it logo 7/29/2015 Paul M

Not impressed at all. Had trouble with the car since the day I purchased it. Navigation is awful, the directions are misleading, it doesn't take you on the most direct route and the POI has completely wrong address information and has taken me to places that didn't exist at least 5 times. I have not been able to use a device plugged into the USB port at all, it causes the screen to freeze or reset. I brought the car to Acura and they supposedly changed the unit itself, all wiring and the USB port and it still doesn't work. My worst complaint of all is the transmission. It's extremely jerky especially when shifting into 2nd gear and just isn't smooth at all. It really slows the engine down and now I know why the new Acuras have different transmissions. Otherwise the car handles very well, the seats are very comfortable I can drive all day, sound system very good. Not sure if these are common problems or I just got a lemon but wouldn't recommend.

Average Rating : 3


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