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Recently leased 2015 E-golfs. logo 8/11/2015 george ivanov

Before I begin my review I want to say I am in the Navy and this is the first time I am writing a negative review about anything that I have bought in my life.I recently leased one of those 2015 Golf-e models. It looks great feels great until you get on the freeway. The mile estimate on the sticker is not nearly accurate. I drove only 40 on a fully charged battery and I was almost out of juice. Beware and avoid at all times if you commute on highway to and from work. Unless you want to see your wife crying and deal with all the head aches and range anxiety due to fact that the battery runs out so fast when you don't have the break regenerating. If you how ever like traffic and drive only in traffic by all means get it. The moment there is constant acceleration cross your finger since you will be looking for a charging station in no time. If you are lucky enough you don't have to pay and the charging station actually works. I will post a video on you tube to show the true performance of the Golf-e on a highway. I guess if you drive in town less than 40 miles a day this car is for you. If not I do not recommend taking your chances like I did. Now I am stuck with a vehicle I cannot use for 3 years.

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