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Regret buying it logo 6/12/2017 Thomson

Where to start. Bought it with 25k miles on it (formerly a Ford lease), which implied it was well maintained and trouble free. Within the first month of ownership the driver's door hinge was found to be defective (wouldn't close door on first pull), then the handle to pull down the rear door came off along with the panel, then the car developed a strange wind noise just as the warranty ran out. Was told this was $700 fix as Ford would have to replace the windshield seal. Then the engine light came on during a trip to Florida. Dealership could not figure out the issue but said it may have something to do with the cooling system. Car ran terribly. They kept it for two days and it worked without explanation. Recently we got a notice from Ford saying there's a problem with the cooling system, but won't be able to fix it until the parts are available in a few months. This vehicle is exhausting to own. On top of that, I've never seen such a small engine have such terrible MPG. I drove a Tahoe previously and through some Chevy magic I got better highway gas mileage with a V8. And the final issue I'll talk about (this week) is the constant interior hissing when the AC is on. I'd say keep away from this one. It's affordable, attractive and they pack a lot of features in it, but it's a badly engineered vehicle. I'm not the only one ... google it.

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