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"Relentless Pursuit of Excellence" logo 12/9/2016 flyanne

I have driven Lexus for 2 decades since my first ride in a Lexus. My first two Lexus' each got 200K+ miles neither one of which EVER needed repair other than maintenance. HOWEVER, my latest, 2013, ES350, has been a major disappointment for me. The ride is so noisy, a normal conversation is difficult. This is due to the 18" low profile tires. And, I understand that I cannot, without replacing the rims, change tire size for a higher profile tire. I may as well purchase a new car, if I was inclined to buy another Lexus, if I choose to buy 17" rims. One cannot control the climate without concentrating totally on the screen (accident waiting to happen); blind spots are huge. The 45 degree outlook on the driver's side is nearly useless (unless one want to totally rely on the BSM (blind spot monitor which helps NOTHING, if one is trying to enter traffic at one's 45o angle); another accident waiting to happen. There is no monitoring of traffic over the driver's left shoulder due to blind spot. Opening and closing the trunk is a real pain when one's hands are full. I love the warm/cool seats and the mileage is OK. Navigation system is useless, PERIOD. (guess I'm used to an iPhone).

Average Rating : 3


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