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Reliability Nightmare on 2014 Ford Escape 2.0 AWD logo 5/30/2015 itsmejs

Nice looking vehicle that has had many issues. When I was looking for a new vehicle it ended up being between the Toyota Rav4 and the Escape. I wish now that I would have chosen the Rav4. Problems and more problems! It took Ford 1-1/2 years to fix my Escape door that would not always latch shut. At least I think it's fixed now. 2.0 engine has intermittent hesitation that Ford has not been able to resolve. Rear differential noise has been repaired twice in 25,000 miles. Trans slips from 1st to 2nd and sometimes downshifts for no reason. Besides the recalls dealing with Ford customer service is just about as bad as calling my cable company.

Favorite Feature : I like the look of the Escape and when the engine doesn't hesitation it can be fun to drive. It drives well in snow.

Suggested Improvement : It would be nice if Ford stated accurate gas mileage for the Escape as my gas mileage has been lower than advertised. Improve Ford customer service and the reliability of the Escape which is the reason I would not recommended buying this vehicle.

Average Rating : 1.75


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