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Reliable, great quality & Excellent Value logo 9/13/2015 katspause

I bought my car brand new in Nov 1999. Regular maintenance (oil changes @ 4000 to 6000 miles), radiator flush, timing belt, etc, per manufacture's recommendation. This is my second Mazda (first was '84 Mazda 323 sedan-also brand new- drove over 250,000mi). My Protege has the original transmission (5speed manual) and engine. This car has spent 12 of it's nearly 16 years in northern winters. It's spent most of it's lifetime outdoors (no parking shelter) and started every time. Nothing has failed while driving. When the vehicle warranty expired, I prefer working with an outside mechanic shop. Yes, the car has rust, and has more exterior noise than the first day I drove it off the lot. There are a few small issues w/electronics (occasionally cd player doesn't work, & occasionally driver door lock must be manually operated). Minor stuff. The car starts every day, gets decent gas mileage. I'm still hoping for 400,000 miles, though it's possible the car may not make it. In any case, my experience is, that Mazda makes a fantastic product. If you're looking for value and reliability, this is the brand.

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