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Reliable old Rock! logo 12/6/2016 Cody

I've owned the SAV since new and it still runs like a Swiss watch. One early glitch, fixed by the dealer A.S.A.P. Great dealer experience for years (Boston). I now live in FL and given the age of the car I have it serviced at local shops specializing in BMW/German cars. I baby my cars. This one has 108,000 k. Had it so long it is hard to remember that it was cutting edge when new. It is easy to forget that some of the flashy gizmos available on new cars today were not available in '03. It is a crazy good driver in all weather and conditions. Power/torque feel stronger than stated. Handles, brakes and corners like a thoroughbred. MPG OK for age, better on newer models. Interior has held up well. Had a few minor parts replaced. Dealer did some at no cost after warranty was up. Was a city car, so I gave it a facelift two years ago and looks showroom. Weaknesses? The radio, esp. AM. I don't listen much. FM is better. Diodes are blinking off in the instrument displays, which is a major weakness of all X5's of the era. If you are handy, you can buy rebuilt computer units on Amazon and install yourself. I keep the tires inflated above the stated PSI on the doors and ride and MPG are better. Will be trading in a year or so. Nothing in the current BMW lineup interests me, but have my eye on a MB GLC300.Update: Recently traded the BMW for a '17 Lexus NX200T. It is proving to be a nice ride. Takes some time to get used to all the new tech. Only quibble so far is infotainment controls are needlessly complicated and overly sensitive. They are a real pain, otherwise a good car. Sound system in the F Sport is amazingly good.

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