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Reliable soldier!! AND guardian angel!! logo 9/13/2015 Aji

This was my first car, bought at 101,000. I had it for 6 years before i traded it in, it ran like a champion the entire time I had it even when I traded it in. It was my guardian angel protecting me from all sorts of things. I was hit from the side by semi truck one time, and stepped out the car without a scratch on me. I was hit from behind on a highway, I still don't have a scratch. The car was attacked and vandalized while I was in it, I ran over an attacker, and sped away. It was also my reliable soldier, because no matter what happened to it I always knew it was going to start and get me to where I needed to go. No major repairs needed. Only basic maintenance, is needed. It was because of this car; that the Buick is the only car brand I will buy hands down. Safe and reliable!! You won't be disappointed!!

Average Rating : 5


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