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Reliable where it counts and nowhere else logo 8/20/2015 Casey

Overall, I really like my '03 Avalon, but there are some quirks that do need to be stated. The subwoofer in the rear is very low quality. I was already not a fan of the sound system that this car came with but after 2 weeks of owning it, I decided to max out the the volume to see how it handled and ended up blowing the subwoofer. Turns out that this is a very common problem for all Toyotas that have this JBL system in it. They dry rot in the sun and weekend very quickly. When this happens, I would recommend just buying a 50 watt sub that's 4 ohms and 8" in diameter because the stock sub cost around $280 online and a complete ripoff. They're hard to fine but do exist. Another very common problem is that the windshield wiper motor will go out unexpectedly. You will know when it happens because it won't take the wiper back down to the "park" position when you turn them off. I just got a quote from my local dealer and it will cost $487 to fix that. Finally, trying to maintain this car in your driveway is a pain. It's nearly impossible to get to the oil filter with just a floor jack. Oil changes for me cost around $40 to have my local shop do it. This is a great car for someone that prefers to take it to a shop whenever something needs done. If you would rather maintain it yourself, I'd look at something else.

Average Rating : 3


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