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Rental Car while Acura RL having bodywork done logo 8/3/2015 Larry Gorman

Reviewing this from the perspective of an Acura RL owner may be a bit unfair, but... the dash vents are barely adjustable, there are no visible rear vents, the engine (like just about any other American 4 cylinder I have ever driven) sounds like a lawn mower on acceleration though it IS economical - 32 MPG on highway at 75-80 - it rides like a truck - it is firm but you feel every bump - very poor insulation from road surfaces and imperfections - the "switch blade" key fob is annoying - if you don't keep folding it up it puts holes in pants pockets, and the access to the vehicle information system is accomplished through three switches on the left stalk on the steering column - requires too much concentration and much better placed on the dash somewhere - huge screen on the dash does nothing without navigation other than give you radio information. Very disappointing car after all the rave reviews I had read about the "new" Malibu - cannot even hold a candle to our previous 2008 Honda Accord, let lone the 2015 model.

Average Rating : 2


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