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Rental Update logo 8/11/2015 Larry Gorman

Some things my original review omitted - yes, it is a rental, but it had 26 miles on it when I got it. BRAND SPANKING NEW. So my observations are not of a beaten up high mileage rental car. Added remarks - and these are personal observations and may not bother other people - the high back end and no back up camera make parking unnecessarily difficult - parallel or backing into a space. Shockingly, I discovered this weekend that a bag of golf clubs will not fit in the trunk sideways - only diagonally! Even my Honda S 2000 could hold a couple of bags of golf clubs sideways in the trunk. Having to put them in diagonally causes problems packing other items in the trunk. WHERE IS THE INTERIOR TRUNK RELEASE????!!!!!! I have looked everywhere - and the remote on the key fob will NOT work when the car is running. Why do manufacturers put the gas filler cap on the Passenger side??? And then it is not intuitive - nothing to grab onto , no release in the car - you have to press it to get it to open. All in all, the car is replete with annoyances - not surprising to somrone who has owned nothing but the best ergonomically designed cars in the world - Hondas and Acuras.

Average Rating : 2


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