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Rented One, Want One logo 4/2/2017 Ol' Hank

My wife and I got this car as a loaner for our regular car's recall replacement. I've never owned a performance auto, but have been a long time motorcyclist, and have owned several high performance 2-wheelers. This Mustang blows me away. The acceleration is awesome. I drove across a mountain range on a very twisty section of interstate, and have to say that was the most fun I have ever had on 4 wheels. It was solidly planted, the steering was very precise; I could easily change lines mid-curve; acceleration out of the curves was very controlled. With the top up, it feels like an upscale touring car. With the top down, it is simply sexy as h***. We're now planning to sell our SUV, and buy a new Mustang. Life is short.

Average Rating : 5


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