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Repairs started at 30,000 logo 12/10/2016 Disappointed

I have always had a vw but this was my last. At 30,000 engine coils failed on the highway and it went downhill from there. By 70,000 miles I had: 3 intake manifolds, a new turbo, turbo taken apart and cleaned once for $750, broken suspension coil in rear, struts went bad, 2 sets of spark plugs and towed twice. This was on top of routine maintenance like new brakes and tires. It caused me so much stress and was not dependable at all. When I bought the car the plan was to give it to my 20 year old daughter when I got a new one, but I didnt trust that it was dependable enough for her. Traded it in and for the first time I no longer drive a volkswagen.

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