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Replace Brakes every 12K Miles logo 4/28/2015 jimc888

Bought my Van new. At 14K miles replaced rear caliper, pads, rotors and adaptors. At 20K replaced front pads and rotors. At 26K told I need front pads, rotors, calipers and hoses $600. Also need same on rear $675. That's almost $1300 more after 14K & 20K brake jobs. Called Dodge Corp Complaint office. They checked into it and said that was normal wear & tear. Had a 2003 caravan and bakes lasted over 40K. Trading this in. I'm not spending $1300/yr for new brakes. Searched 2011 Caravan brake probems on Internet. Lots of complaints, but no help from Dodge. Having 2 complete brake jobs at less than 27K miles is NOT normal. I won't be buying any more Caravans.

Favorite Feature :

Suggested Improvement : Fix small calpers. Make calipers larger so they don't heat up and expand and stick on the rotors.

Average Rating : 3.25


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