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Replaced a 2003 XLS Avalon... logo 7/10/2015 mrwhsla

...this my second Fusion.. first was a 2010... yes, I was shocked when I parked the two next to each other... Both are almost the same length- its negligible at for the Avalon... and the interior room is greater... but its a wider FULL-size car (insurance was 700+ for six months vs the Fusion is a midsize one with insurance at 850 lol. I enjoy the feel of the Fusion. Its more fun and engaging to drive... yes, its NINE years younger than the Avalon, but with 145k fewer thousand miles.. I hope its equally or MORE reliable. Started having electrical issues with it (battery terminal and cable burned somehow) and I wanted a fully loaded car with sunroof, leather, heated seats, and preferably a system like Sync for music and stuff. not to mention some version of spaciousness (couldnt get approved for the 2012 Azera I wanted) The Chevy version is great- had it in a rental Cruze LTZ, but this Fusion was a one-owner with 24k miles- still under factory warranty for the same or lower price as the newer and SMALLER Cruze LTZ. I will come back and update this review after Labor Day. I have a couple road trips coming.

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