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Revenge of the Sith! logo 7/29/2015 Darth Plageus

This car GREATLY exceeded my expectations for driving in severe snow, rain, and or blistering hot days. It your driving skills are hot this car will not fail you! With the slightest upgrades you will blow a 370Z right off the road! What was Nissan thinking? I LOL every time a mustang, camaro, or any MOPAR gets behind me in a deep curve and it's like engaging the hyperdrive and accelerating to light speed leaving the Galactic villains in the DUST! You have to keep you eye on the oil levels but Installing catch cans seem to sole to oil consumption problem. 32 mpg with the a/c running. The a/c feel like Antarctica! I'm 6'4" and the ride suits me just fine. I need a stretch break after 5 straight hours on the highway but can adjust the seats to make an 8 hr ride. The stability controls are superior! If you skid on ice the ABS brakes engage and the CPU rights the car and set you straight! It's hard to have fun on any slippery surface. You have to turn the Stab. control off then have some fun! I also have a Nissan 240sx xe. It's a lot of fun but the 350Z is double the fun power torque and agility. Every one stares in awe as you cruise or flash by. What ever you do, get one of these! I slipped in oil on the street and totaled my Harley, I chose the 350Z over another Harley and know I made the right decision. Caution: this car exceeds the listed speedometer registered!

Average Rating : 5


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