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Review at 90K Miles logo 7/18/2015 Paul

I've got just shy of 90,000 miles on this car at this time. It has been absolutely trouble free. Just replaced original Goodyear tires just last week. Two recalls, minor issues, both taken care of while the dealership replaced the tires. (BTW, dealership beat Discount Tire by $100 for equivalent tires.) I'm averaging 37 miles per gallon. Yes, I said averaging. Brakes still good, no shudder or fade. Engine still runs great. I replace the oil regularly using only Mobile One. I especially recommend using high quality oil with any turbo-charged vehicle because turbos tend to keep spinning once you stop the car. Shut the car off too quickly and you shut the oil flow to the turbo off. I let it sit for a minute before shutting off. Good advice for any turbo engine if you want the turbo to last. MyLink infotainment system is great although a little slow on screen response. Overall, this is by far the best car I've ever owned, and being almost sixty years old I've owned quite a lot of cars. I highly recommend this car.

Average Rating : 5


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