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Ride and handling balance out shortcomings logo 4/5/2017 Jude

I've owned this car since it was new and it's now got 95000 miles. I'll be trading it in soon because I have about $4000 of upcoming repairs. It will need a timing belt, which is normal. But it also needs a new head gasket and new rack and pinion steering, which is not. The fabric on the driver's seat wore through to the foam rubber after a couple of years and I've been making due with duct tape. I used to get rattling in the driver's side duct work, which I addressed by pulling the grill and jamming shop rags around the duct. This got fixed when the dealer pulled the dash to install new airbags per a recall. But I have other dash rattles showing up. The car ate up the power steering belt for some reason but I haven't had any problems since I replaced the belt. I haven't really been bothered by all this because I really like the car's handling and ride on the open road, very jewell-like precision and solid-feeling. And of course it's fun to drive in the snow. But having to trade in a car at 95000 miles because of a head gasket and rack and pinion is something I would expect from a lower-priced domestic model.

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