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Roomy, Solid Car for the Money logo 9/12/2015 MarvinH

The interior room of the Jetta is pushing the size of a mid-size car, especially the rear seats. I'm 6'4" and my 5'11 son can sit behind me comfortably without nagging me to move the seat up. The car handles confidently at high speeds; I can tell this was built for the Autobahn. It seems to be more sure-footed the faster you go. The acceleration of the 1.8 turbo is exceptional. Granted, a good-sized V6 would be able to pull away, but I've gotten out of some tight spots because my car had the yank to put me ahead of cars and trucks whose drivers were probably playing Bubble Witch on their phones. To be honest, I am a bit concerned about the long-term reliability though. Compared to a Honda or Toyota, I have a feeling it might be more costly in the long run. Time will tell. Some people seem to have really good experiences; others, not so much. For now, it seems to be very solid. No rattles or squeaks. It's more fun to drive than a Corolla or a Civic, and it's much roomier, so I'm happy for now. I'm going to take the advice of other VW owners--stay on top of maintenance. German cars don't seem to handle neglect well.

Average Rating : 4


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