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Run Away! logo 7/22/2015 Chris Healey

I was 'upgraded' to the 2016 MKZ 3.7L (Edmunds won't let me select the 3.7L engine option), as a rental car this week and I've been driving it all week. And I have to day this is the worst car in this class I have driven in a very long time.First off it is UGLY. I mean really ugly. At the front it is channelling a PT Cruiser and the back reminds me of some French car from years ago. In other words the great looks of the Fusion it is based upon have been kicked to the curb in favor of a monstrosity that no one could possibly find attractive.The interior looks like it might be premium in some aspects, but upon closer inspection, they disappoint. Edmunds was generous giving it a C.It feels lively enough off the line, but stomp the right foot and expect some disturbing torque steer. Ford engineers need to buy a VW GTI and figure out why a car that costs $10K less has solved the problem of torque steer, and they seemingly cannot.I enjoyed no aspect of driving this car. The handling sucks, it is not especially quick, although feels quicker because you are dealing with the torque steer drama. The interior lacks any kind of premium features one would expect of a car in the mid $30s. The car before the car I own now was a CPO Mercedes C Class. Given the choice between a 9 month old CPO fully loaded Mercedes, and this junker, it's a no brainer.Don't like used cars, even CPO? Well heck, you can buy a Mercedes CLA or BMW 320 for the same price as this Lincoln. And the latter includes four years of free servicing, along with a ride and handling that will put this MKZ to shame.When the price tag tips past $30K there are a wealth of cars available from great very young CPO offerings, to excellent new choices. You have top of the line regular cars, and entry level luxury cars. And the bottom line; this car simply doesn't compete. It doesn't bring enough to the table to stand out, or even be noticed. I honestly can't think of a single match up with any $35K car, that this comes close to winning.To me the only buyer for this car would be someone who is a die hard Lincoln fan and someone who has never driven any other $35K car. Because trust me I have shopped this segment extensively and driven dozens of rentals in a similar price point, and everything trounces this car.The sad thing is, I actually have a soft spot for the Fusion. The most recent makeover that borrowed from Aston Martin styling cues was a huge upgrade on the old dated Fusion. So to give the Fusion the fugly make over, charge $15K more, and not even offer basics like an adjustable steering column or sunroof is kind of a joke.Make a list of cars priced $30K - $40K stick a pin in it, and you'll have a better car than this. Edmunds says C, I say F.

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