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Run from this SUV logo 4/12/2015 jjmk

So, I felt I did my research on this vehicle, and for the most part I did. When I read everyone’s review, to include Edmond’s review, I felt good about my purchase, initially! My major complaint is the road noise. It is horrendous!! If your town/city roads have smooth asphalt/concrete, then you won’t mind/notice the road noise. However, the city I live in mainly has coarse (small pebble/shell) asphalt roads. I think it is important to note though the roads in my city are smooth, but are coarse. The road noise is terrible. The noise contrast is really noticeable when I drive over recently repaired (new asphalt) areas on the road.

Favorite Feature : The vehicle has great performance, handling, and great ‘bells and whistles’.

Suggested Improvement : I highly encourage you to give this vehicle a thorough road test before you buy. And yes, if you’re thinking the tires might be the issue, I thought the same. So, I did my research on reputable tire websites and found the factory tires weren’t rated well. So, I replaced the factory tires with the top of the line tires. Unfortunately it wasn’t the tires. Bottom line, I’m in search of a new vehicle.

Average Rating : 3.625


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