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RUN LIKE THE WIND logo 7/20/2015 Debbie

That's what you should do when considering this car. I bought my car brand new in July 2012. The test drive was great and I traded an SUV to get better gas mileage and to have the reliability with a new car. Well, I got the great mileage but everything else about this car has been a disappointment. In the first 2 years I had it, 3 door locks broke. They suddenly would not shut and latch - so you couldn't drive the car without the doors flying open. I had to put someone in the back seat to hold the doors shut to get it to the dealer. I had to physically hold the passenger door shut with one hand while driving to the dealer. And then they didn't have the parts. Obviously I couldn't drive it home so they did get me a rental and the door was fixed within a week. Then, the transmission started to shudder and it felt like I was popping the clutch when it's an automatic. There were times it would barely go from a stop light and you have to be careful not to pull out in front of anyone because it may go and it may not. It's not safe and I absolutely hate this car. Unfortunately I have 3 more years to pay on it and Ford's service leaves alot to be desired. Apparently the transmission has indeed a problem and I took it in last November 2014 - they first told me nothing was wrong with it and all the settings were normal. I threw a fit and told them I needed to speak with the Service Mgr. I spoke with him and he took it out for a long drive and then I got a call saying yes indeed, there is a problem with the transmission and Ford is aware of the problem but they didn't have the parts. They told me it would probably be January 2015 the parts would be in but they would contact me and let me know when they had arrived. It's now July 2015 and I still haven't received that notice. Now there is a recall with an emissions problem - I am 63 years old and have never had so many problems with a new car as I have with this Ford. I will never buy another Ford car - EVER.

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