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Running Well at 119k Miles logo 5/18/2015 gregf5

I bought this car new after reading several strong reviews about it. The car performed fine for the first 75k miles or so, then began having serious problems involving the suspension. The front axle and related parts (CV joints, boots, etc.) were replaced several times and the problem was finally fixed. Fortunately, I had an extended warranty on the car, so only paid a deductible. The car now has 119k miles on it and is running well.The car's paint is of average quality. There are numerous pin sized rust spots on the side panels, especially towards the rear of the vehicle. These appear to be surface rust that has formed where the paint has chipped, and there is no rust-through.Aside from these issues, the car has performed about as expected. Gas mileage is excellent, as are acceleration and handling. Would consider buying again. Strongly recommend purchasing an extended warranty on this vehicle.

Average Rating : 4


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