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Runs like a cheetah! Crack of thunder! logo 7/10/2016 Lightning thunder

First of all, I am a car guy. I love cars. I drove a Ferrari 430 around the track in las vegas and it was a blast! I just retired and bought a gentlemanly car in the jaguar xj8. I have a completely original rx7 with 59000 miles on it. Nothing else feels like an rx7 that I have ever driven. The twin sequential turbo rotary engine is unique. Smooth as silk. The look of the car is classic and timeless. Out of a little 1.3 liter engine you can get 600+ hp with modifications in a 2800 lb car! My son has the same car as me - 1994 red - I call them the twins - mine is original and his is heavily modified. They are a blast to drive! The cars can be a little tempramental when you start to modify things and expensive and don't know what you are doing. I would sum them up as a little like a rose - beautiful but with thorns.

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