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Rust its what makes a subaru logo 3/21/2015 coffeelude

Got a brand new 2014 Subaru 15 months ago, mostly satisfied initially with the ride. Have about 12000 miles on it so far. Some minor issues include uneven acceleration in the morning and weird jerking when changing from reverse to drive. A few months after I bought the car I noticed that the bottom exterior of the car was rusting. A few searches online and seems like we were not alone. Neither the dealer or Subaru customer service were interested in acknowledging the problem. They claim that it is normal for a 5 month old car to start rusting. I live in the Washington dc metro area where the winters are not extreme.

Favorite Feature : All wheel drive

Suggested Improvement : If you built it with so much love perhaps some rust resistant exterior would be nice to have.

Average Rating : 3


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