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Rust Rust Rust - Recall Recall Recall logo 8/27/2015 Matt Jones

Year after year we hear how reliable the Toyota brand is. I challenge anyone to look at the facts and not the hype and find another company with more recalls than Toyota. For Tacomas specifically, more than 10 model years have had the same recall: rusted through frames. That's not just a design flaw --- that's flagrant negligence. To the 2007 model year they also added broken rear leaf springs. I can tell that a breaking leaf spring at 70 miles per hour is VERY scary and dangerous. The entire rear of the truck jumped several feet in the air and although I was able to maintain control, it turned out that half of the bottom spring fell off and in the process damaged my rear break lines and the fuel tank (not punctured).OK you may say so they will fix it - it's a recall. Yes, I was told that this would be repaired on my 2007 (there are several years that were not included in the recall although many people reported similar problems. In either case, it has been more than SEVEN MONTHS since I dropped of the truck at the dealership in Boston. S E V E N M O N T H S ! ! ! And nothing to report.It's hard to argue with the fact that Toyota Tacomas have a following and name recognition, but I urge you to look at the facts: Poor reliability, frequent and dangerous recalls, poor gas millage, and behind the times on technology in the cabin, but also drivetrain and engine...

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