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SAFE great car for me. logo 12/6/2016 Rhe

As a mother with a young child this car was perfect. I recently totalled mine. I should have been a lot worse of than I was. The car is a total loss insurance wise, but it didnt take near the beating it should have hitting a guardrail end head on due to snow/ice. I adored this vehicle. I bought it pre-owned. It had been kept up mechanically and when I got it the two majorly known problems were the arms and the undercarriage frame and they were in better than should be condition. I replaced the arms right away to ensure safety but the frame was able to wait a few more years. It was a very comfortable ride as a front passenger or driver, a child would find the backseat alright but an adult not so much. Cargo space was excellent for small hauling of furniture and a great grocery run. I only had to make two repairs on it. The arms and alternator ( my fault hit a spot of road were water covered it doing 60mph cause i couldnt see it at night) but it lasted 2 months before dying on me completely. I mainly used this car for to and from work, but also a few short trips. It was a smooth drive. I'm really going to miss it. I highly recommend it for small families.

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